About Jimendashi Extra Challenge

We will hold the 11th "Jimendashi competition" additional challenge!
This season there is really little snow, and in Hijiori it has not reached 200cm now (11.02.2020)
 In other cities and towns in Yamagata, a lot of snow festivals and events have been canceled. However, our "Jimendashi competition" will be held by a way as usual. There is only little snowfall and it is expected to be finished in a short time. So we will do  the “Tsunan Challenge” for an additional challenge.

About Tsunan Challenge

After the goal of Jimendashi, we will give teams a hula hoop a diameter of about 90cm. Dig further down the hole that made the ground, and make the hole that the hula hoop touches on the ground
It is Based on the rules of the "Tsunan Challenge," which is held in Tsunan Town in Niigata.
Without ranking, just enjoy!