《Movie of 9th JIMENDASHI competition》

Jimendashi's Rules for English


9:00 Accepting
9:40 Opening ceremony
10:00 Sorimpic (qualifying to decide the field)
11:00 Jimendashi start
12:30 Awards ceremony


Hijiori Athletic field. (formerly known as Hijiori elementary and junior high school)
About Parking
     Unavailable to use parking around a venue. Please get a parking of Hijiori Ideyu-kan or Hijiori Hoikusho. You can carry own snow shovels and scoops into the venue on the previous day.

Eve party of Jimendashi

When? February 23rd 2019 Sat 19:00 ~
Where? Hijiori Hotel
Fees? 1,000 yen per person Please make payment on that time by the team
Let’s be friends with other players! There must be a chance to get methods!
Sorry we cannot accept your cancel request after you apply. If you cannot join it, we are afraid we have to ask you for the cost spent for this party. Thank you for your understanding in this issue.

Hijiori Onsen Website<Access Hotel Infomation>

Hijiori lies in the middle of Yamagata prefecture in Japan and it is very famous for deep snow. There is covered with snow which lies over 3m on the ground. “Jimendashi Kyousou (digging up the ground competition)” will be held on 24th February 2019. You have to dig snow fast and find the ground. This competition may be appear to be simple and a bit silly, but in fact it’s deep practice!